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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect gender equity advocates around the world by creating a virtual knowledge hub and meeting space where members are invited to share sector relevant resources, knowledge, tools, experiences and insights with one another. The Emergent Equity Collective represents an inclusive platform for women to advance their individual work as well as that of the organizations and the communities they represent.  It is our aim to create a global network, a movement of women thought leaders whose interactions and sharing in this space will help to advance women's rights around the world.  

Impact in Collaboration

The EEC is an inclusive community that functions on the principles of collaboration, mentorship, knowledge sharing, and innovation.  In monthly meetings and in sector Forums, EEC members are able to engage in real time discussions with their sector peers from around the world, share their practices, grow their networks and to learn about opportunities to collaborate on local and international initiatives. Our members work in the following fields: Mining and Extraction, Training, Education & Consulting, Humanitarian Aid, Public Health, Public Policy, Education, Land and Water Rights, Climate and Environment, International Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Human Rights. 

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“Women’s human rights are essential to democratic, equitable and sustainable development on planet Earth."

- Ayesha Mei-Tje Imam

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