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How the Collective Works

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Monthly Virtual Meetings 
  • The Collective holds monthly virtual meetings where members meet to discuss current and upcoming work and sector developments.

  • Breakout sessions allow for sector-based discussions among members and focus on the issues and questions most relevant to their areas of work and study. 

  • Guest speakers. and thought leaders from around the world are invited to share their experiences and offer insights on the key challenges facing women's advocates today. 

 Networking and Connecting
  • The EEC site allows members to connect easily with one another online through its interactive elements such as the Forum and Member chat.

  • The member live chat feature allows women to communicate  instantaneously  across time zones and continents.

  • New members can join at any time and from anywhere, provided their professional aim and values match those of the Mission of the Collective  

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Resource Sharing
  • EEC members are invited to share news about upcoming events, conferences, and developments in their areas of interest on the Resources and News pages.

  • The EEC site offers an open source for tools, guidelines, and strategies of practice that are updated on a regular basis.

  • The pin pages allow members to drop ideas for upcoming meetings and other members to discuss them independently. 

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