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Shefaly is a passionate and detail-oriented diversity, equity and inclusion and social impact consultant and researcher. Her work focuses primarily on examining, understanding and addressing the barriers and challenges faced by Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour in the workplace. With a strong academic background in sustainability business management and diversity, equity and inclusion, Shefaly has developed a keen eye for solving deeply rooted issues when it comes to promoting and implementing diversity, equity and inclusion within organizations.

While conducting research in the diversity, equity and inclusion space and working as a consultant, facilitator, and analyst. Shefaly is well versed in social impact reporting, particularly in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. She honed these skills and expertise in her position as Impact Research Lead at Accelerate Her Future, a social enterprise that supports early career Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour in career-building and mentorship. She has extensive experience working with various UN organizations, most recently including the UN Global Compact Network Canada where she worked on their Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project.

Shefaly holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management and a Master of Science in Sustainability Management at the University of Toronto.

Shefaly Gunjal

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